A downloadable game

Submission for Weekly Game Jam 83, Remote Control


WASD to control character

SPACE to toggle flying machine

ARROWS to control flying machine

Known issues to be updated:

- The animation states for the kiosks do not toggle as they should

-  You are currently able to fly the flying machine infinitely outside of the viewport, so fly safe

Install instructions

Download the zip, extract, choose your appropriate operating system, open the nw.js file, enjoy.


RemoteControl01.zip 260 MB


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Watch Weekly Game Jam 83 from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv


Thanks for playing!  I really appreciate the feedback, I love the idea of bouncing lasers to trigger platforms.  Thanks again, it was awesome to see you play through.

Watch Weekly Game Jam 83: Remote Control | !submit !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Oh man, this was awesome, thanks for playing!  You have some really great general insights on game design, I'm excited to watch more of your streams.  Thanks again :)